Granite Tiles: Windsor

Granite Tiles: Windsor
Windsor homeowners are fortunate: there are a number of first-class stone companies that service this market. As a result, many Windsor-area customers are discovering the benefits of using attractive and durable granite tiles in their homes. Granite is perfect for areas that need a strong and hardy floor, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Many homeowners also use granite for kitchen counters and backsplashes or for tiling around the sink and tub in the bathroom. This versatile, natural material adds elegance to any home and with proper installation and care, your granite tiles can last for generations.
Choosing Granite
Good flooring is essential. When considering your flooring options for a new home or renovation, you will need to consider several points, including:
  • Will the material stand up to heavy traffic in areas where this occurs?
  • Will the material withstand heat?
  • Is it easily damaged by water?
  • Does it off-gas chemicals that can endanger health?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Will it add value to my home?
  • Is it attractive?
If you compare granite tiles to various other materials, you'll begin to see that there is a definite "Granite Advantage!” The stone is extremely durable, making it perfect for heavy-traffic areas of the house. It withstands high and low temperatures and is highly suitable for rooms where water is in use. Granite is 100 per cent natural and adds to the health of your home environment. Stone floors are simple to clean – all you need is a broom or a mop with warm water. Granite floors will add significant value to your home, as will granite countertops or wall tiles. And finally, granite is one of the most attractive materials available.
The Beauty of Stone
Some people have a mental image of granite being a particular colour. In fact, there are a wide variety of granite colours, types and patterns available to Windsor-area customers. If you have never been to the showroom of a premium stone company, be sure to visit before making your flooring or countertop decisions. You may be surprised to see granite samples that range from the classic white with black flecks to a vivid mustard yellow stone or even a silver stone with honeycomb patterning.
For example, consider the following three pieces of granite from various parts of the world:
  • Iron Red. This beautiful granite, quarried in Brazil, is an intense burgundy colour with striations of light grey and dark grey swirling in dramatic patterns. Rich and mysterious, Iron Red granite adds splendour to any room.
  • Madagascar. This dark and exotic granite features a deep grey field patterned with black, in patterns resembling an aerial photograph of lakes, rivers and tributaries. Madagascar granite bespeaks elegance.
  • Blue Bahia. This dreamy blue granite marbled with silver catches the light like the ocean on a summer's day. An extraordinary colour created by the earth, blue granite is striking and unusual.
Granite can be the perfect material for your floors, countertops, wall tiles or backsplashes. Visit a better stone company today and discover the beauty, durability and versatility of granite.